April 28, 2021

Acciona launches new five-year sustainability master plan

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Acciona, a pioneer in sustainability planning and reporting, today launched a new five-year Sustainability Master Plan (SMP) 2025, the company’s third successive blueprint for advancing its Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) goals.

The new plan includes over 80 initiatives that will make a decisive contribution to Acciona's leadership in decarbonization and the development of sustainable Infrastructure.

The key aim of the new SMP is the introduction of advanced 'regenerative measures' that will both enhance sustainability in Acciona's projects and multiply the positive impacts of the company's business activities.

It aims to make a positive contribution to the recovery of the planet’s resources. Acciona aspires to go beyond carbon neutrality, which the company achieved in 2016, by having 'a positive impact on natural capital'.

To do so, it will develop initiatives across four areas: climate, biodiversity, circular economy and water management.

Initiatives include new 'zero waste' business models and the provision of water treatment and production services using advanced technologies.

Under the plan, Acciona will ensure that 90% of its investments are classified within the European Commission’s taxonomy of sustainable activities that contribute significantly to the decarbonization of the economy.

The Spanish infrastructure giant will certify the use of 100% renewable energy in all its business projects with blockchain technology, in particular with the greenchain application, developed by the company.

The company also commits to reducing emissions by up to 60%, by accelerating the electrification of business and management processes. It will also apply 'nature-based solutions' where necessary (equivalent to planting and conservation of one million trees) to neutralize the company's carbon footprint.

To increase the circularity of Acciona's business activities, the company will double the use of recycled products and halve the waste destined for landfill. The company has set a target of cutting its Water use by 50%, especially in places with severe water stress.

The SMP2025 reinforces diversity measures in the firm’s workforce worldwide and in its governing bodies, as well as implementing progressive labor inclusion policies and integrating people with disabilities, who are expected to make up 5% of the workforce in Spain by 2025.

ESG performance indicators have been part of the company’s remuneration policy since 2015. The weight of these indicators will increase to 12.5% during the SMP2025 period. In addition, department heads and specific project teams (construction, water, energy, real estate, etc.) will have specific sustainability performance targets linked to their activities.

The plan incorporates innovative ways of having a positive impact on communities, including investments supported by new sustainable finance products, and 100,000 hours of employee volunteering in local environmental and social sustainability projects. To this end, Acciona will develop a network of local alliances in the main countries in which it operates.


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