February 24, 2023

MultiBank’s Naser Taher wins 'Chairman of the Year' award

categories : banking

The prestigious Le Fonti Awards has chosen MultiBank Group as the 'Leading Financial Derivatives Institution' and its Chairman Naser Taher the 'Chairman of the Year'.

Speaking on the double win, Taher said: 'It is a testament to the dedication, and commitment of our team,' recognising the efforts of the entire MultiBank Group.

In his speech, Taher said: 'MultiBank Group has grown to be one of the largest, if not the largest, financial derivatives institution with a daily turnover of $12.1 billion, over 1 million customers, and some 30,000 institutional clients. Additionally, we have maintained an unblemished record with all our 11 regulators since 2005.'

Le Fonti focuses on enhancing companies' unique features. Fostering a business community of over ten million people globally, the event offered an opportunity for industry leaders to connect, learn and grow with each other.



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