September 6, 2022

Postcard unveils first digital media platform for luxury travel-

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Postcard, a direct-to-consumer global travel representation company for luxury hotels and travel designers who promote responsible tourism, has announced the launch of the first digital media platform for mindful luxury travel in the world.

Founded by Amit Jaipuria, a serial entrepreneur, Postcard aims to bring together global voices for responsible tourism and empower them with the storytelling tools needed to educate travelers about their lands and their people.

The company strives to offer its audience a credible space to be inspired through storytelling from the real world. Embarking on a mindful travel experience allows for a rediscovery of one's self, increased empathy, an understanding of different cultures, and an appreciation of the world’s diversity.

As an invite-only platform, luxury hotels and travel designers apply to be featured on the Postcard directory. If accepted, the company pays an annual fee to be included within either the Postcard Hotel or Postcard Tour directory.

The hotels and tour companies then publish local stories about their people, culture, history, food, nature and wildlife on the Postcard site in an effort to inspire travelers to book a stay or tour with them, it stated.

For hotels and tour providers that need help with storytelling, Postcard also offers a global directory of established storytellers they are able to hire for editorial services, it added.

'Postcard’s mission is simple: to build the world’s largest collection of stories of people and places. To do this, we bring together a global community of like-minded travel writers, designers, hotels, industry groups and tourism boards, and invite them to collaborate and publish local stories from their land,' explained Jaipuria.

With a vision to grow Postcard as a social enterprise, the platform has taken steps to support local communities and lands as a part of their corporate culture, he said.

Postcard, he stated, had pledged to donate a minimum of 10% of all revenues earned towards community and nature conservation, with an intent to increase the percentage as the platform grows.

'As the society moves towards the Metaverse realm, we wanted to create a place to showcase authentic local stories of people and places; offering people a way to travel with meaning, rediscover themselves, build empathy and stay rooted,' remarked Jaipuria, also the CEO of the company.

'We do what we do because we believe mindful travel and storytelling have the power to inspire people about the real world; and to help them appreciate the diversity our planet has to offer,' he added.



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