April 9, 2022

Chanel, H&M top online shopping accessibility index

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Reigning supreme at the top of the Online Shopping Accessibility Index is Chanel, with an awe-inspiring score of 100, a research report said.

This also takes into account six accessibility errors and 15 alerts, placing the luxury brand firmly in the lead as a shining example of how a clothing website should lay out its site for the benefit of all online shoppers, the report by the experts at Affise, a performance marketing platform.

Affise delves into the world's most valuable online brands, to discover whether the best interests of all customers are really at the heart of operations.

H&M also tops

Next up was H&M, also with top marks of 100. 43 overall errors showcased the company’s attention to detail when it came to online accessibility, which is instantly obvious thanks to its clean, minimalistic colour-scheme.

Trailing behind is Gucci, with a less than desirable score of 60. What is immediately recognisable is the brand’s reliance on colour to convey their message, as the busy, garish site would no doubt make things incredibly difficult for colourblind people to read.

Visa and Chase are crowned the most accessible eCommerce websites in the world with accessibility scores of 100.

Costa most accessible

Fan favourite Costa is revealed as the most accessible restaurant website, while Accenture tops the list as the most accessible tech website.

Taking the top spot is financial service provider Visa, scoring an admirable 100 in the convenience rankings. This includes only one web accessibility error and 13 web alerts, highlighting that a great deal of time would have been spent on making things suitable for customers with disabilities.

Second on the list is Chase Bank, also scoring 100, with one accessibility error and two contrast errors.

Automotive industry

At the top of the automotive industry were Renault and Volvo, both scoring 97. However, Renault was seen to have 120 accessibility alerts, while Volvo only had 34. Despite scoring the same score, the Renault website features more alerts than Volvo overall, perhaps due to the website's small text which makes the site difficult to read, particularly for those with low vision.

A redeeming feature for Renault is the website's black and white colour-scheme making it ideal for colourblind individuals.

Anti-dandruff hair brand Head & Shoulders emerged as the most accessible hair and beauty brand on the list, with a score of 98. With zero accessibility errors on the entire site, and just 15 other problems flagged, the haircare powerhouse is a force to be reckoned with when it comes to user-friendliness.

Second on the list was Olay, also scoring 98. Impressively, the beauty brand also had zero accessibility errors on site, alongside 33 detected issues, highlighting the time and effort taken to make its online presence as convenient as possible for disabled people.

Skincare giants Dove scored a respectable 96, placing them third on the list of the most accessible beauty brands.

At the bottom of the list was Gillette, with a score of just 45, suggesting that there are definitely changes to be made to the website.

Restaurant menu

For anybody with access needs looking to research the menu of a restaurant or foodservice establishment prior to a visit, a clear and easy to follow website is a must-have. Taking the top spot for the restaurant industry with an accessibility score of 99 and just 18 errors flagged, is beloved coffee shop chain Costa.

Next on the list is Canadian multinational fast food restaurant chain Tim Hortons, scoring a very respectable 98. Despite some messages being conveyed through colour, such as vegan options in green, the website is very simplistic and easy to navigate.

In last place is restaurant chain Wetherspoons, with a score of 75. 64 highlighted errors were found in the report's research.

Elements of the Wetherspoons website that could be considered for improvement involve enhancing the alt text on included images, simplifying the colour-scheme, and improving the contrast of the site, for people with colour-contrast sensitivity.



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