December 16, 2021

Siemens Gamesa to build 344 MW Denmark wind projects

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Siemens Gamesa is set to once again deliver in Denmark, having received the green light to proceed from Vattenfall for the 344 MW Vesterhav offshore wind projects.

As planned, the 176 MW Vesterhav Nord project will utilise 21 SG 8.0-167 DD offshore wind turbines, with the 168 MW Vesterhav Syd project utilising 20 SG 8.0-167 DD offshore wind turbines. Located up to 10 km off the west coast of Denmark, the two projects are intended to be completed in 2023.

Together, they aim to deliver clean, renewable energy to around 350,000 average Danish households. A three-year Service agreement, with both projects being served from the Port of Hvide Sande, is furthermore included.

“Receiving the go-ahead for both Vesterhav projects is extremely satisfying, and we are excited to deliver domestically in Denmark once again. Adding 344 MW of capacity to the grid, powered by winds found in the waters of the Danish North Sea, is another welcome contribution to fighting the climate emergency,” states Marc Becker, CEO of the Siemens Gamesa Offshore Business Unit, who continues: “Leading the offshore revolution as we do unquestionably owe much of its success to our dedicated team in Denmark and our powerful local presence. We are the single-largest employer in the Danish wind industry, and in the country where the offshore wind industry began, these roots are strong and deep.”

At 176 MW, Vesterhav Nord will be located a maximum of around 8.5 km offshore and cover an area of around 40 sq km. The 21 Siemens Gamesa offshore wind turbines, each with a capacity of 8.4 MW and rotor diameter of 167 meters, will be commissioned from the Port of Thyborøn. Installation is planned to begin in 2023 and be completed the same year.

At 168 MW, Vesterhav Syd will be located around 10 km offshore and cover an area of around 37 sq km. The 20 Siemens Gamesa offshore wind turbines, each with a capacity of 8.4 MW and rotor diameter of 167 metres, will be commissioned from the Port of Hvide Sande.

Installation is planned to begin in 2023 and be completed the same year.

“Our Danish heritage goes back to 1980, where we grew from a small group of passionate pioneers to more than 5,600 direct employees in Denmark today. The Vesterhav projects will feature world-leading offshore wind technologies and components designed, manufactured, assembled, tested, and maintained in Denmark. Whether in the nacelles from Brande or the blades from Aalborg, our commitment to unlocking the potential of wind will be tangibly demonstrated when the projects are operational,” states Torben Bang, Managing Director of Siemens Gamesa in Denmark.

Siemens Gamesa and Vattenfall have a strong history of collaboration, with multiple gigawatts of capacity in their joint offshore wind pipeline. Currently, the world’s leading manufacturer of offshore wind turbines is delivering 140 SG 11.0-200 DD offshore wind turbines for Vattenfall’s 1.5 GW Hollandse Kust Zuid project in The Netherlands, the world’s first subsidy-free offshore wind power plant.

Siemens Gamesa has also been named nominated preferred supplier for Vattenfall’s Norfolk projects in the UK, totaling 3.6 GW, and expected to utilise the new SG 14-236 DD offshore wind turbine. Historical offshore wind power plant collaboration between Siemens Gamesa and Vattenfall include parks in operation such as Danish Kriegers Flak at 600 MW, DanTysk at 288 MW, Sandbank also at 288 MW, and Lillgrund at 110 MW.

The Vesterhav projects were announced as firm orders by Siemens Gamesa in 2018. A delay in start of construction was announced by the customer in 2019, where installation was announced as postponed to 2023.


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