November 18, 2021

DuPont Water Solutions launches new RO membrane filter

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DuPont Water Solutions (DWS) has launched its new membrane filter - DuPont TapTec LC HF-4040 in bid to bring the advantages of large-scale reverse osmosis (RO) membrane filtration to more decentralised and commercial infrastructure use.

Compact, affordable, highly reliable and effective, this product combines advanced features such as high flow rates, with reliability and ease-of-use.

Reverse osmosis is the “go-to” solution for large, centralized water treatment and desalination plants.The membrane elements used there demonstrate a high water recovery rate and successful rejection of contaminants like salts.

As one of the biggest water technology companies in the world, DuPont supports water producers with its membrane technologies. Its water technologies process 25 million gallons of water every minute around the world.

DuPont Water and Protection is a global leader in creating water, shelter and safety solutions for a more sustainable world; enabling its customers to win through unique capabilities, global scale and iconic brands including Kevlar, Nomex, Tyvek, Corian Design, GreatStuff, Styrofoam, and FilmTec.

Beyond the large-scale utility water systems, there is a tremendous need for effective and efficient water purification at point-of-use, especially in office buildings, restaurants, hotels and resorts, said a company spokesman.

One of the big challenges there is the cost-effectiveness and ease-of-use of advanced water treatment technologies, he added.


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