March 2, 2021

CEC announces commencement of voter registry exhibition, challenge for elections

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RAMALLAH, Monday, March 1, 2021 (WAFA) - The Central Elections Commission (CEC) announced today the commencement of the exhibition and challenge on the preliminary voter registry for three days in accordance with the published electoral calendar.

In a press statement issued today, the CEC explained that 1,090 exhibition and challenge centers will be open from 8 am until 3 pm over three days to enable citizens to verify and correct their registration data as well as object to the registration of others who are deemed ineligible registrants. Objections are submitted through special forms completed at any of the exhibition and challenge centers or the electoral district offices. Citizens may also object to CEC decisions before the Elections Cases Court which issues final decisions on this regard.

The CEC stressed the importance of this period in enabling citizens to verify the accuracy of the data of the voter registry, object to the registration of others to reach an accurate, up-to date and comprehensive voter registry based on which the upcoming legislative and presidential elections will be held.

The CEC also stressed the importance of adhering to the Covid -19 preventive health and safety protocols which include social distancing and wearing face masks and gloves.

The CEC also pointed out that citizens may verify their registration data either by either visiting the exhibition and registration centers, or through CEC website or by calling *600# or toll -free number: 1800300400.

Last week, the CEC completed training of 1,400 exhibition and registration staff who will be working during this period on publishing the preliminary voter registry and receiving objections, complaints and notifications.

The CEC also indicated that the number of eligible voters in the preliminary voter registry currently stands at 2.54 million voters, which is less than the number of those who registered for elections as a result of processing registration data by removal of the deceased and registrants who will not turn 18 years of age on polling day. This number is expected to further decrease by the end of the exhibition and challenge period.



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