February 17, 2021

U.A.E gets 20 million visits in 2020

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The UAE’s Telecommunications Regulatory Authority (TRA) has announced that U.AE was visited nearly 20 million times in 2020, compared to 13.5 million in 2019. Last year, the number of U.AE users was 12.2 million against 8 million in 2019.

These results reflect the importance of U.AE as a digital platform to access information and government services, and in part, demonstrate the considerable efforts of the U.AE team at the level of TRA and other government entities in content and service development.

It also reflects the public’s trust in U.AE as a reliable source of information concerning all government services, as well as economic, social and educational aspects of the UAE. U.AE provides many prompt government services accessible around the clock.

Ahlam Abdulrahman Al Feel, Director Corporate Communication Department and CEO of Happiness and Wellbeing at TRA, said: “U.AE is the fastest and most reliable way for all people to access key information about UAE, decisions and legislation issued by the UAE government, and utilize hundreds of online and smart services provided by government entities.

“Given the great efforts made by the team, U.AE has become a major supporter of the Online Services Index (OSI) issued by the United Nations, which is one of the indicators of our country's national agenda. In light of UAE’s international standing, the portal has become a reference for those wishing to learn information about the UAE from all over the world.”

Al Feel stressed that U.AE is a prime example of the progress achieved by the digital transformation process in the country, adding: “The exceptional circumstances witnessed by the world last year confirmed to all the righteousness of UAE government’s approach, as guided by the wise leadership, to accelerate digital transformation and turn all government services into smart services. UAE has been able to overcome this major challenge easily and seamlessly by relying on the successes of government entities in digital transformation over the past years.

TRA noted that the hottest topics on U.AE were Visa and Emirates ID; Justice, safety and the law; Jobs; Visiting and exploring the UAE. TRA also noted that U.AE was visited the most from India, followed by Saudi Arabia and Egypt.

The Official Portal of UAE Government consists of four main sections, covering information and services, UAE, e-participation and media. The information and services section covers many topics such as employment, investment, tourism, infrastructure and visa systems, as well as a full list of all government services in the country.

The second section covers the history of the UAE in its various eras, and covers UAE's plans and strategies for shaping the future and achieving overall development. This section also addresses UAE's efforts to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals set by the United Nations. In the e-participation section, there are many channels of communication with the UAE government, including feedback platforms, instant chat, and others.



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