October 20, 2020

Telecom ministry condemns decision granting Israeli phone company a license to operate in West Bank

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RAMALLAH, Monday, October 19, 2020 (WAFA) - The Palestinian Ministry of Telecommunications and Information Technology today condemned the decision to grant the Israeli telecommunications company, Bezeq, a license to operate in the occupied West Bank, considering it a step to undermine and sabotage the Palestinian economy and its control over its airwaves.

It accused the Israeli occupation of taking many measures to impede the development of the Palestinian telecommunications and information technology sector, including allowing the Israeli telecom companies to illegally cover all Palestinian areas and market their modern services to the Palestinian customers taking, as a result, a large share of the market from the Palestinian companies ranging between 20% and 30% according to the reports of the World Bank and the International Quartet Office, which puts Palestinian companies in front of the illegal and unequal competition.

In addition, Israel manipulates the Palestinian airwaves and illegally establishes communication towers in the Palestinian territories in contrast to bilateral and international agreements.

The Ministry called on international organizations to intervene and stop these Israeli measures, stressing that it will not hesitate to pursue legal action to put an end to this continuous encroachment on the Palestinian territory and market.



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